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Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium) Acrylic

Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium) Acrylic

Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium) Acrylic

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The material is made of  transparent acrylic material with good weather resistance, high surface hardness, surface gloss and good high temperature performance.
Its good light transmission allows you to observe the movement and fun of your pet at any time.
It has a side-angled ventilation slits for keeping optimal  humidity and temperature level.


This product is healthy and safe, non-toxic, tasteless.
With a crystal-like transparency, light transmission rate of 92% or more, soft light, clear vision! 
Stylish and beautiful shape design, combined lift cover and a number of ventilation holes combined to make your pet more convenient!  
On the flip cover design, easy to feed, water, clean up the stool, covered with a lock, to prevent climbing Prison escape, more secure! 
2.1cm round feeding hole design, can be more than just climbing pet feeding! 

Size: (LxWxH) 
S:29x19.6x15 cm 
L:37.5x24.6x19.4 cm 


"They are all healthy and waking up, thank you!!
They are so cute.

Sarah W.

Hello! I received my snails today, they look great.
So far 4/5 have woken up.. The other isn't too far behind.
Happy with your sefvice, they look great.
Thanks again!

James D.

I received the babies..yesterday, 
They all are great. 
2 of them look awhile to wake. I kept putting wate on them.
Didn't give up on them.
Took about 4 hours to get them to come out of shell.
All doing great.
Thank you!

Karen D.

I received my snails and I love them so so much!
Thank you!

Christine T.
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