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Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium)

Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium)

Terrarium For Pet Snails (Snailarium)

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Give your new friend the ideal home!

Quantity: 1 Pc
Color: Transparent
Size: approx. 19cmx12.5cmx7.5cm/26*17.5*12.5cm/32*22*15cm

For transport, breeding and feeding snails and reptiles.

It's perfect for 1-10 small snails ( Helix Aspersa, Theba Pisana and Otala Lactea etc ).

Tags: Snailarium


"They are all healthy and waking up, thank you!!
They are so cute.

Sarah W.

Hello! I received my snails today, they look great.
So far 4/5 have woken up.. The other isn't too far behind.
Happy with your sefvice, they look great.
Thanks again!

James D.

I received the babies..yesterday, 
They all are great. 
2 of them look awhile to wake. I kept putting wate on them.
Didn't give up on them.
Took about 4 hours to get them to come out of shell.
All doing great.
Thank you!

Karen D.

I received my snails and I love them so so much!
Thank you!

Christine T.
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